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From Twitter to UrbanPlanet and now on CNET we learn that British printer Moo.com is opening a U.S. operations center here in Providence.

With the opening of its operations center in Providence, R.I., however, Moo should be able to get cards into U.S. customers’ hands much quicker, something that should help keep customers happy and returning again and again.

The operations center is set to open in Providence sometime in the first half of 2009. Graphic Arts Online reports that Moo is hiring and will have a staff of 10 in Rhode Island focused on operations and fulfillment of U.S. orders.

It is a small company, putting a small number of jobs into a state that is hemorrhaging jobs but it is a nice recognition of the interconnectedness of our art & design and tech cultures.

Image from Moo.com

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  1. Author

    None of the reports I’ve read have stated where in the city the facility would be.

  2. Hi Jef – the Moo facility will be on Waterman Ave in East Providence. Looking forward to being in the Providence area!

  3. Author

    Ah, the royal Providence. Glad to have you guys arriving in Li’l Rhody, thanks for the heads up Brian.

  4. Haha – it’s just over the red bridge! Seriously, we made a few offers on space in Providence proper, but struck out – so for now it’s “and Providence Plantations” for us. Hard to compete with all the medical, government and university tenants that the landlords really want. We’ll grow out of our space soon and will keep an eye on Providence.

  5. Brian,

    Welcome to RI and thank you for choosing to locate here. I’m sure I am just one of many that appreciate the fact that you had many places to pick from and you chose RI! All the best!

  6. Check out Pawtucket. It’s the place to be! Welcome RI

  7. Author

    I think the Bucket is part of the Royal Providence. 🙂

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