Election 2010: Submissions for candidate surveys

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Election 2010

Hey whaddaya know, the 2010 campaign season just became even more exciting than we thought it would be. Of course the Governor’s, Providence Mayor’s, and Congressional District 1 seats are all wide open and jockeying to fill those seats will create more openings, likely in the City Council and elsewhere.

Greater City Providence does not make endorsements, however we have been planning to create candidate surveys to gauge the candidate positions on issues that impact the city. With the races becoming more exciting this week, those surveys suddenly become more interesting.

We are seeking your input on those surveys. We will be sending surveys to the candidates for Governor and Providence Mayor, and now with this week’s upheavals, we’ll probably throw District 1 and the City Council seats into the mix. Of course we are still waiting to find out who exactly is running for what, and we still have a long time until November, but we’re going to start working on the surveys now.

Please use the comments section (or email us) the questions you’d like the candidates to answer. List your question, and which race you’d like answers on your question from. We’ll be compiling the questions over the coming weeks, and when it becomes clear who is running for what, we’ll start sending surveys out. When the candidates return the surveys, we will be posting the results here.

We do need to make a note about comments on Election posts. We have a wonderful mix of people who comment here and are pleased that the comments are civil and intelligent. Elections and the discussions that surround them can be highly emotionally charged. We trust that the level of discourse here will remain high, but we will be editing and/or removing comments if the discourse degrades.

We thank you in advance for maintaining civil discourse.

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  1. And it opens up my council ward too. Seeing how Lombardi is going for Mayor I just might run for his seat.

  2. Well, just a first impression. I live in Providence and have paid taxes here since Joe Doorley. I like David Ciccilline as a mayor and wish he would stay.

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  5. I would be curious what other cities a mayoral candidate would look to for inspiration. What have they seen that made them say, “Wow, Providence should be more like that.”

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