Blame Canada!

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Apparently some huge ass wildfires north of Montréal are sending smoke all the way down here to Rhode Island. Here are some photos from Prospect Park around 6pm.








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  1. Thought something was strange.. Drove over the Pell Bridge and it was crystal clear at around 8am… then a haze set over Newport and it was difficult to see across Easton’s Bay to Middletown, etc.. The scent of burning wood was strong too – my coworkers thought a house was on fire nearby. But it lingered all the way back to Providence… and the haze was thick in spots. This answers it all!

  2. I need to stop listening to the SO. We set out on a nice walk and I was going to bring the camera with me.

    Then then question “What do you need that for?”. {sigh}

    Missed a beautiful sunset.

    BTW, here’s a similar shot from Prospect Park taken May 24th. A little bit of haze can be seen in the distance but the city isn’t blanketed with it.

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