Greater City Providence

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State of Maine on board with high-speed rail; upgrade work on the popular Downeaster begins [FastLane USDOT]

Too hot to cook? A few heat-wave recipes [Projo Subterranean Homepage News]

Hours extended for Providence water parks all week [ProJo]

Forecast for the Future’s Cities: Hot! [The City Fix]

Gas taxes give us a break at the pump [USA Today]
“Holiday drivers will pay less than ever at the pump for upkeep of the nation’s roads | just $19 in gas taxes for every 1,000 miles driven, a USA TODAY analysis finds. That’s a new low in inflation-adjusted dollars, half what drivers paid in 1975.”

St. Louis’ Mayor Slay signs ‘Complete Streets’ bill, with promise of bikeable, walkable city [St. Louis Today]

Greater City Providence

Promoting the smart urban growth of the Greater Providence region.

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