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Snowblogging: Fluff Factor Edition

Fred Campagna keeps Tweeting about the “Fluff Factor” in this storm, and it is certainly apparent out on the streets of Providence:

Definitely a “fluff factor” inland. Report of 5.8″ in N. Cumberland. Northern Rhode Islanders, how much new snow have you received?less than a minute ago via Facebook

January 21, 2011 Snow

There was also some second guessing going on last night about school closings, but I think I agree with closing schools today. I often lament the fact that we New Englanders seem to have lost our ability to function in our environment, and that is certainly apparent in the people yacking on cell phones and driving 50mph because they have 4-wheel drive, see ya in the ditch later fool! And the yahoos who can’t drive are part of the reason school should be canceled.

January 21, 2011 Snow

While today’s snow is certainly fluffy, it was indeed falling at a very fast clip as I was walking through it around 8am, and even the most conscientious shovelers could not keep pace with it. And even fluff becomes a compacted slippery mess as people walk on it.

January 21, 2011 Snow

Then there are all the sidewalks that were never cleared after the last storms. Put fluff over ice and you have hidden mine fields of danger to navigate. It was certainly prudent to keep the kids at home today.

January 21, 2011 Snow

January 21, 2011 Snow

January 21, 2011 Snow

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  • I have to admit, I’ve been remiss in shoveling this year. It all started over the holidays because we weren’t here.

    I did shovel during the last storm, and the one before that but can’t really get through the compacted crap. I’m hoping we get another warmer day so it softens up and I can remove the rest of it.

  • when i move back to the city I am buying a little tractor with a plow and i’m just gonna plow sidewalks and driveways and stuff in exchange for baked goods.

    Gonna need a name for it though. Plough dough? hm. must work on that.

  • Jen, you will most certainly get a ticket for operating a vehicle on the sidewalk, written by the very police officer who is too busy to ticket anyone for not shoveling.

  • Tony P: We were away during the storm last week. Some friends of ours shoveled part of our sidewalk and driveway, but not the whole thing. I had to use a garden shovel to scrape up the rest of the stuff. It took me almost all week to get up all the ice and snow that had compacted, but it’s gone. The 2 days of above freezing temps didn’t hurt either.

  • Would it kill store owners to shovel the sidewalk in front of their business? The same goes for areas that are the responsibility of the state. I should be able to walk more than a mile before my pants are soaked and beginning to freeze.

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