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Streetfilms: Chicago bus tracker

With RIPTA currently working on a bus tracking system of their own, and with RISD having a beautiful campus video display information system, I’m seeing a partnership possibility.

The system here in Chicago allows businesses to customize their display for buses passing by them and roll it out on their own equipment, no cost to the transit agency. The businesses can than add their own advertisement to the monitor, specials, upcoming events, etc. This is a great way to address the “well, everyone doesn’t have smartphones issue.” The open information is great for app developers, but this creates a way to push the information out to people who do not have access to smart phones.


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  • Awesome, I didn’t know RIPTA was working on location tracking…. will they be using NextBus? Do you have any more info on this?

  • I don’t know what specific system they are using but they have purchased equipment for what they call an Intelligent Transportation System. They will be rolling it out internally at first so that they will be able to know in real time, what buses are where. Once it is rolled out and working internally, they will make the information available to be used by the public. They have hired and ITS Manager and are placing equipment on buses now.

  • I know that Providence is a small city, but I wish there were some way to get people to give up their cars. There is a mind set in Chicago that it’s just easier to take the CTA than fool with a car. I know that RIPTA has to change the people and not the other way around.

  • Chicken and egg. Not enough people take RIPTA because RIPTA’s service isn’t good enough (bad hours, infrequent service, routes not going where people need, routes take too long…), and RIPTA’s service isn’t better because there is not a large enough demand for better services.

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