The Providence Pot Holes Project

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A group of Providence cyclists have created a public map to document pot holes around the city. Visit the map page to add your own pot holes to the map.

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  2. great effort, but is anyone calling it in/reporting them to the public works? Given all of the conversations I’ve heard recently about pot holes, I haven’t heard a single person say they’ve reported them, and I have no faith that public works is out inspecting the roads and using the 40+ degree day to quick patch the worst ones.

  3. For whatever it is worth, I tweeted a link of this post to the Mayor (or whoever reads the Mayor’s Twitter). I do not know if the people who designed the map have made any other powers that be aware of it.

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  5. Matt I was out riding yesterday and I saw workers driving around and filling in potholes.

  6. Yes, the link in the sidebar goes to the “Streets & Sidewalks” reporting, so I can re-do the graphic for both. I’ll do it later this evening.

  7. Ward 13 Councilor Bryan Principe posted this photo on his Facebook page of crews filling potholes on Broadway:

  8. PS then the other four workers could be out shoveling!

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