Video: New York’s “Road Patcher”

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New York’s MTA has this crazy machine that fills small to medium sized potholes on the MTA’s bridges, tunnels, and connecting roadways.

MTA Bridges & Tunnels spokesman Charles Passarella stands near what looks to be an entrance to the Whitestone Bridge in either the Bronx or Queens and explains how the truck fills small-to-medium-sized potholes by spraying crushed rock and liquid tar through a nozzle. The material is different from the hot asphalt that human crews use to patch larger holes.

Since the MTA’s roadways are generally high-speed expressways and such, the operator controls the whole pothole filling procedure with a joystick from inside the truck’s cab.

Via: Transportation Nation

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  1. I constantly see technologies that we could use here in RI. This is one them.

    Another is the snow melting machines. We could definitely use those.

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