Reader Submission: Richmond Street overpass adios

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A Greater City: Providence reader submits his photos and commentary of the demolition of the Richmond Street overpass.

Sunday, March 27, 5:30 pm
As the sun begins to fade into twilight, a farewell walk across the broad sweep and reassuringly solid concrete and steel decking of the Richmond Street overpass.

Monday, March 28, 9:04 am
Destruction begins. Residents brace themselves for days of relentless pounding, dust flying and back-up alarms beeping as the mighty span resists the machines’ attack.

Monday, March 28, 4:04 pm (1 hour and four minutes of overtime)
The mighty span turns out to have been made of cheese or some other unresisting material. All that’s left is some tidying up.

Tuesday, March 29, 8:32 am
… all neat and tidy, ready for close-ups. To quote Staples: That was easy.

And we’ve been happily walking, bike riding, driving under that thing????!!!!!!! (Wiser than us, out of town visitors took one look at the wood supporting it and RAN under.)

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