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  • Nice to see that progress is being made on the pub. I believe that the funeral home is still operational, though – the multi-car garage being transformed is just a small part of the building.

  • The pub is indeed going in the former garage space for the funeral home, which is still operating. In fact, the funeral home owners are the ones opening the pub. Having an outdoor deck like that in the Square (the second establishment to open with a deck here in the past year) will indeed be a nice addition.

    I’m mixed on the white on white Opt facade. I know they are aiming for a cool minimalist simplicity but the stark white treatment doesn’t match the rest of the building it’s in and that approach, in what is essentially a parking lot fronted strip plaza, somehow doesn’t work for me and, dare I say it, looks a bit cheap.

    The big questions for the square in the next year in my mind are:
    – What will, if anything, go into the vacant Chico’s space? Will it take the seemingly usual 2-3 years to fill any open space here?
    – What will happen with the former United Way (whose name I still can’t say or type without gagging a bit… I’ll never give to them locally again) Building after the temporary use by Brown finishes within the next year or two? Extensive work was done inside to house the brain and mind groups that are there until their new campus home opens, which one would presume would make it more marketable. Will Brown move something else there or will it sit empty?

  • To Bret- In this economic climate, do you think that it’s necessary to bash a first time business owner who risked it all do do major renovations to the space that he’s occupying? Shouldn’t Opt and their design team be applauded for doing something different to set themselves apart?

    As for the pub, I think it will be a great addition to the square.

  • to H.: I should have said patio. The new bakery at the intersection of Wayland, Angell, and S. Angell has put seating and patio tables out front in the previously empty space there which I think changes the whole feel of the Square when that area and Starbuck’s patio are both full. McBride’s will make for the third such space overall in the Square.

    To Jessica: I hardly felt I was bashing the place. just giving an aesthetic opinion with no connection to how they run their business.I actually am due for new glasses and probably will go there soon. But let’s not get carried away by the “design” elements here. I mean, they just covered the brick and painted it white. We’re not talking Frank Gehry here. As I said, I appreciate the effort, it just misses for me.

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