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A selection of photos readers have recently shared in our Flickr Group:

I-Way Project
Photo (cc) provbenson2009

Luxe Burger Providence R.I.
Photo © BlueisCoool

Spring 2011 031
Photo © Raastah

The Arcade
Photo (cc) provbenson2009

Waterplace Providence R.I. (Edit)
Photo © BlueisCoool

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  1. Hey Jef,

    Where does all the landfill and material waste from projects like the 195 relocation go to? I recall something in the Journal about it going to East Providence a while back. Just curious.

  2. Do you suppose the old beams from the 195 overpass could be donated to the Steel Yard, or melted down & recycled for other future projects?

  3. My understanding is fill is going to East Providence to cap a landfill there.

    I doubt the steel would be given to anyone, it is a valuable recyclable. Though it would be cool to get a piece of public art out of the old highway. I believe some granite and/or crushed concrete will be used in the construction of the riverside parks.

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