Video: I almost drowned!

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This was me walking swimming back to the office after lunch today.

The guy running into the red pick up at the end of the first part… yes, he did have a pot bellied pig under his arm.

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  1. I was on a quest for brach’s jelly beans (didn’t find any btw) and almost got swept into the seekonk river down by east side market. seriously.

  2. Author

    Of course, now the sun is out.

  3. Could that pig hold a baby monkey?

  4. The guy with the pig seems to be sprinting out of Amazing Video, which raises some serious questions.

  5. Isn’t there a Chinese restaurant there as well? Or am I seriously oblivious and there is no Chinese restaurant there? That would explain the pig perhaps? (just a thought?)

  6. Author

    The Chinese restaurant closed a couple years ago, and Amazing closed too. They must have known there was a flood coming.

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