Greater City: Providence’s Virtual Cooling Center

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Can’t get to a library or a pool to cool off? Then sit back and watch our slideshow, the Virtual Cooling Center:

Head over here for a list of actual cooling centers, pools, and information on how to keep cool.

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  1. Ah, the perennial New England past-time of yearning for whatever season you’re not experiencing.

  2. Author

    I want all winter all the time. I’m looking for apartments in Nunavut right now.

  3. I’m eventually moving north so I can have more winter and more snow. I would much rather weekly snow storms than 90+° days with 80+% humidity.

  4. Author

    The crazy thing is, it hasn’t even hit 90 yet this week. Ugh.

  5. I don’t go by the temp at the airport. I go by the temp my car tells me and what my outdoor thermometers tell me at my house. It’s been 90+ in Providence.

  6. @Andrew I don’t think new England is alone in that regard…especially today hahaha

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