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DOT wants new interchange from Route 4 to I-95 [WJAR]

The estimated cost of the project is $75 million.

“We’ve made so many improvements to Quonset Point-Davisville. The Route 403 project was over $200 million. We spent over $200 million on doing freight rail improvements to tie freight rail into Quonset Point Davisville. So I think this will just be the final leg in possibly generating some additional jobs,” Fish said.

State transportation officials are proposing a toll plaza on Interstate 95 in South County to help pay for the project.

Lawmaker blasts DOT chief for ‘stealth’ proposal to toll I-95 [WPRI]

Rep. Brian Kennedy, a Hopkinton Democrat, sent a blistering two-page letter to R.I. Transportation Director Michael Lewis on Thursday that said it was “shocking” and “quite disappointing” that he learned about the proposed tolls in his hometown from our WPRI 12 report rather than RIDOT.

Sen. Fogarty: Time to find a new way of funding RIPTA [Press Release]

Following a public hearing about the reduction of bus service in his district, Sen. Paul W. Fogarty is asking legislative leaders and the governor to step in and find a new funding solution that will prevent service cuts proposed by the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority.

The senator has sent a letter to Senate President M. Teresa Paiva Weed asking her to work with House Speaker Gordon D. Fox and Gov. Lincoln D. Chafee to change the way RIPTA is funded to better maintain support of the state’s public transportation system.

“The state does not support RIPTA from general revenue, rather their funding from state resources comes from a portion of the gasoline tax. I am asking your office to work with the leadership of the House of Representatives and the Governor to come up with a more practical funding solution that would support RIPTA’s continued operations and avoid any more cuts in service.”

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  • Is David Fish completely unaware that electronic tolling exists? He says in the WJAR report that the reason they’re considering a South County location is right-of-way and environmental impact. There’s no right-of-way necessary for electronic tolling and it’s been around for about 15 years. Put it in Providence!

  • So true, Chris. new toll booths? in 2011?

    Plus, what chickens#*t putting the toll so far at end of the state maybe people will think they are in Connecticut,in hope that most RI voters will not notice. Put the tolls where the traffic is.

    I have mused in my car, driving from exit 23 to exit 21, this ought to cost $.50. I would not like it but would feel like a jerk if I whined about it.

  • Connecticut lawmaker criticizes Rhode Island proposal for tolls [Norwich Bulletin]

    Republican Sen. John Kissel said in a letter Friday to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy that tolls near the state line would impede commerce, hurt Connecticut tourism and possibly set off a toll war in New England.

  • LOL. Toll wars… so basically… CT and VT will get tolls if RI does? I find that hard to believe. ME, NH, and MA already have tolls. No, MA does not have them on I-95, but NH and ME do, as does NY. So is NY impeding commerce by having a toll right at the CT state line? I don’t think so. In fact, TONS of traffic goes through that toll on a daily basis. Yes, passenger cars can take the Merritt Parkway, but they aren’t there for commerce.

    What a toll at the CT state line on I-95 might do is put more traffic on Route 6, though that’s probably not gonna be a lot considering how much farther north it is and how slow it can move.

    And hurt tourism? I don’t think so. The casinos (which are what I assume they mean by “tourism”) are the only casinos in the area. They’ll still get their customers. In fact, it’s easier to get to Mohegan Sun from Providence via Rt 6 to 395.

    I am curious, though… what does he mean by toll war? To me, it’s just laughable.

  • See, this is where politics are stupid. Or at least, my theory is that this is the result.

    Washington says “no tolls on U.S. Interstates except to pay for new projects/improvement.” AKA “we aren’t going to approve you to toll our road just to rebuild your viaduct” so they so “oh, we need this totally awesome improvement to help trucks move around better because basically we only built the rail line to Quonset to appease those treehuggers” and Washington says “YAY! you are building more road, taking more greenspace, creating more infrastructure that you won’t really take of, all to cater to what may be the most destructive industry in the country WE LOVE IT.”

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