Application to demolish Atlas and Sheppard’s Warehouses

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Atlas & Sheppard's Warehouses on Allens Avenue in Providence

Image from Google Street View

From this afternoon’s Providence Historic District Commission agendapdf:

Project Review

1. CASE 11.070 • 338-350 ALLENS AVENUE – Terminal Warehouse Buildings (ICBD)
The applicant is requesting the demolition of the existing Atlas & Sheppard’s buildings. (PUBLIC HEARING)

Providence Historic District Commission Meeting
Monday, August 22, 2011 • 4:45 PM
Department of Planning and Development, 1st Floor Conference Room
444 Westminster Street, Providence, RI 02903

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  1. Reason for demolition? No doubt the owner will claim economic hardship due the cost of maintaining the buildings.

    It would be insupportably optimistic to imagine there’s any plan for immediate reuse.

  2. Soooo … reason for demolition?

    But maybe none is needed anymore. Heck, it’s Providence. You can tear down whatever ya want to!

    Arcade next!

    City Hall after!

  3. actually, looks like Grove Street School is on the menu for demo tomorrow, according to rumors.

  4. There are some new temporary fences up around these buildings; it looks like they will be coming down soon.

  5. Great, lets tear down 2 more historic buildings and replace them with scrap metal yards!

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