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City Plan Commission Meeting, November 15

City Plan Commission

Notice of Regular Meeting
Tuesday, November 15, 2011 – 4:45pm
Department of Planning and Development
1st Floor Meeting Room
444 Westminster Street, Providence


  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
  • Approval of meeting minutes from October 18th 2011 – for action
  • Director’s Report – Update on the Downtown Knowledge District Study and zoning of the I-195 East Side parcels


1. Comprehensive Plan Update
Presentation of proposed updates to Providence Tomorrow: The Interim Comprehensive Plan based on the results of neighborhood charrettes and public input – for discussion.


2. Referral 3341 – Petition for underground easement on Thayer Street
Petition for underground easement measuring approximately 230 SF for installation and maintenance of underground conduits and utilities servicing buildings at 315 and 300 Thayer Street. – for action. (College Hill, AP 13 Lot 16 and AP 10 Lot 577)

3. Referral 3342 – Petition for Zone Change from R-3 to C-2
Petition for Zone Change to rezone the property at 195 Union Avenue from R-3 to C-2. – for action. (Silver Lake, AP 105 Lot 155)


4. 325 Angell Street – Waiver from R-P Zone restriction to conduct a fully commercial use
The applicant is requesting a waiver from Sections 422.3 (A) and (B) to conduct a psychology practice in a building in the R-P zone. R-P regulations require a mix of uses with at least one dwelling unit. – for action. (College Hill, AP 13 Lot 214)


5. Parking Lot at 85 South Street – Preliminary Plan Approval
Consideration of proposal to use the former Regal Plating site as a 74 space parking lot during remediation, which requires installation of an asphalt cap over the surface – for action. (Downtown, AP 21 Lots 101, 175, 181 and 182)

6. Parking Lot at 70 Royal Little Drive – Preliminary and Master Plan Approval
Proposal to use a portion of the site at 70 Royal Little Drive for approximately 90 overflow parking spaces, to be used by building occupants. The applicant is requesting to combine Preliminary and Master Plan stages of approval – for action. (Charles, AP 72 Lot 564)


Agenda [.pdf]

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