Weybosset Christmas Trees

Trees going in at PPAC Square

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Just in time for the City’s big birthday party tomorrow, trees are being planted on Weybosset Street outside PPAC.

Trees on Weybosset Street

Some nice sizable trees are going into the tree wells in the sidewalks, however…

Weybosset Christmas Trees

…these little Christmas trees are going into the giant planters along the north side of the street. I’m not too excited about those and am hoping they are temporary. They’re a pretty sad replacement for the trees that were removed for the road project.

Update 11/22/2011: The Christmas trees are temporary, see Planning’s Tweet below.

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/ProvPlanning/status/138996698268712960″]  

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  1. Hopefully they will plant something that gives enough shade to enjoy lunch under.

  2. Hopefully the decorate these tree with white lights for the holiday season

  3. It would be very cool if they planted a bunch of dogwoods all the way down Weybosset.

  4. They are temporary for the winter. I called the Planning Dept to ask them. They will be replaced with Ginkos in the spring and the evergreens will be moved to city parks on the direction of the city forester. The planner I spoke to said they didn’t want to leave the planters empty for the winter because they couldn’t get the Ginkos until spring.

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