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And then there was a parking lot

35 Weybosset Street

So that’s that.

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Jef Nickerson

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  • so… should we assume there won’t be any landscaping and that those mock-up drawings were just smoke and mirrors?

    walked past this the other day, before the lines were painted… the sea of tar worried me, I guess rightfully so.

  • Thank goodness! I’ve been waiting all these years to visit downtown…now that I’m certain I’ll have a place to park, I’ll definitely visit!

  • Connor: The rendering was done by the Providence Preservation Society as a way of showing how the parcel could look with the façade remaining in place. There will be very minimal landscaping per the city’s feeble zoning requirements.

  • Well it IS a very attractive parking lot. People will come from miles around just for the privilege of parking here. We can’t overlook real economic development like this, especially in these tight times.

  • Nice striping all in place and on Thursday someone slapped a Stop Work Notice on the gate on the Westminster Street entrance…

  • Sam is right, it looks very nicely paved. People will flock to DownCity from the beaches during the summer just to enjoy the privilege of parking in such a wonderful spot that is most certainly unlike the other 500 neighboring parking lots downtown. For those that don’t know me, I often like to use a lot of sarcasm to get my point across. I’ll see you all around Downcity… Happy New Year!

  • Have they done anything with the steel structure on Weybosset street? I am assuming they won’t allow parking to begin until that is done….but I won’t be holding my breath.

  • Efficient, with the striping they should be able to valet four or five deep. Maybe they’ll bring in 4-level high car stackers to scatter around the perimeter.

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