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Providence Charter Review Hearing, March 14

Providence City Hall

Residents invited to share ideas for improving city government during 10-year review of Providence’s guiding Home Rule Charter

Providence residents are invited to share their ideas about how to improve city government at a public hearing of Providence’s Charter Review Commission. The hearing will be held on Wednesday, March 14, from 5:30-7PM at Providence City Hall.

Every 10 years, a commission is appointed by the City Council and the Mayor to review and make recommendations regarding the Providence Home Rule Charter. The charter, first adopted in 1980, is the City’s guiding document and provides the framework for the form of government, defines the duties and powers of the branches of government, and gives the public a voice in how the City will provide services.

Upon completion of its review, the commission will submit a report of its recommendations to the Council. The Council will then vote on which proposed Charter amendments to place on the November 2012 ballot. All changes to the Charter must be approved by Providence voters.

“The Commission is soliciting input from City departments, appointed and elected City officials, members of board and commissions, and most importantly, the public,” said Cliff Wood, the commission’s chairman. “We invite Providence residents and business owners to share their ideas on how to make city government work better for everyone.”

The other members of the commission are Vice Chairman Roberto Gonzalez, Jose F. Batista, Meghan Grady, David Green, Michael Van Leesten, Leonard Lopes, Lucie Searle, and John Simmons.

Individuals who have recommendations for changes to the city charter can also submit them through an online comment form, via email, or by mailing written comments to: City Clerk, 25 Dorrance Street, Providence, RI 02903.

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