Greater City Providence

Downcity Design Review Committee Meeting – April 9, 2012

Johnson & Wales to present plans for demolition of “Mirabar Building” (37 Richmond Street) for construction of new parking garage at Monday’s Downcity Design Review Committee Meeting.

Notice of Regular Meeting
Monday, April 9, 2012 – 4:45pm
Department of Planning and Development
1st Floor Meeting Room, 444 Westminster Street, Providence

Opening Session

  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
  • Approval of Meeting Minutes of March 12, 2012

New Business

1. DRC Application No. 12.6: 40 Westminster Street (Old Stone Bank Tower, now Textron Building) Proposal to enlarge an existing retail entrance on the Westminster Street elevation for a new tenant. Work includes the installation of a new storefront system, overhangs over the retail entrances, and signage.

Other Business

Mirabar Nightclub on Richmond Street

2. Pre-Application Review: Proposed Parking Garage at Pine and Richmond Street Proposal to demolish an existing building at 37 Richmond Street and to construct a parking garage on the site located at the intersection of Pine and Richmond Street. This presentation is for discussion only. No action will be taken by the DRC at this meeting.


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  • This blog (which is likely in part NSFW, though this particular article is fine, though the name of the site is likely NSFW in and of itself), reflects on the closing of Mirabar.

    Also, it reflects on the recent closing of Gallery for, what the writer reports to be, a Brown University parking lot, which I think is just speculation on a lot of peoples’ parts. I’ve heard nothing about Brown wanting to build new parking lots in the Jewelry District, especially since they just built Ship Street Square on top of a number of their parking spaces.

  • The owner of Gallery actually confirmed that a parking lot was being put in at the bar’s site. Brown has a few buildings in that part of the city which are going to be used for their Medical School. I was actually at the ground-breaking of one of the building a year ago. I was bar-tending the event.

  • I think if anyone were looking to build a parking lot on the site of the Gallery, then it would be Lifespan. They have the Coro Center across the street and they are all the time moaning about a lack of parking. Brown’s general view on parking is that it is something they prefer not to spend money on. They actually have quite a lot of parking throughout the Jewelry District including a garage attached to the Brown Med School.

    That site is somewhat removed from Brown’s holdings in the area. I mean it is only like 3 or so blocks from Davol Square, and I’d walk it no problem, but Brown employees might actually give Lifespan employees a run for their money in the moaning about parking and walking sweepstakes and would likely view that spot as too far away.

  • Lifespan makes a lot of sense… I was at the closing of Gallery when the owner announce that the site would used as a parking garage. He didn’t specify by who. The gossip was centered around Brown University, but by no means was that clearly stated. The rumors are logical, though. It is tough to be a Native of Providence and watch the colleges expand over greater swaths of land. I’d bet the schools take heat for a great many things which aren’t their fault. The irony is that the colleges are one of the few businesses holding up the local economy.

  • I’ve been under the impression that the Gallery site is part of the Victory Plating development. I don’t have any facts to back that up, but the timing is pretty coincidental.

  • Its about time this dump closed now maybe the city will get some tax dollars out of it seeing the owner pays most of the staff under the table and doesnt report all the earnnings. this place should be investigated by the IRS but then again the owner will take his 2.2 million that hes getting from J&W and pay young boys for sex

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