Greater City Providence


  • I agree. He’s been an awesome mayor, but I’d like to see him finish up Providence before moving onto the rest of the state. Here’s hoping he runs for mayor again.

  • WPRI No rush for Taveras on 2014 decision; praises Chafee, Castro

    Providence Mayor Angel Taveras says he’ll probably wait until “late next year” to make a decision about whether to run for governor in 2014, and admits his relationship with Governor Chafee could factor into his thinking.

    “I’ll have time to think about that in the future, and I’ll think about that in the future. But we have a lot to do in Providence,” Taveras told Thursday in a phone interview from Charlotte, N.C., where he was attending the Democratic National Convention. Pressed on when he’d do that thinking, the mayor said, “Sometime next year – late next year I would assume.”