State RFP for the redevelopment of the “Shooters” site

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The State of Rhode Island is soliciting final proposals for the redevelopment of the Shooters site on India Street in Providence.

Proposals are due on October 4th with a walk-through scheduled for September 5th.

This RFP seeks bids from private vendors, marina operators, recreational professionals, concessionaires, restaurant operators, ferry service providers, water based recreational vendors, non-profit organizations, agricultural product marketing professionals, farmers, commercial property developers, and other interested parties to lease the 25 India Street property for commercial, recreational, and marina related uses. Proposals must be beneficial to the State, City and private vendor through providing lease revenues and providing new recreational opportunities on site.

Potential responders: This RFP is not intended to limit responses from ANY interested party. Interested parties can include, but are not limited to:

  1. Recreational Service providers (bicycle rentals, paddleboard/canoe/kayak/sail/motorboat rentals, marina operators, ferry service operators, bay excursion providers).
  2. Full Service Restaurant/Catering operators.
  3. Office and commercial property developers.
  4. Food V endors and concessionaires.
  5. Recreationally-related concessions.
  6. Exercise/Physical Fitness providers.
  7. Arts/Cultural organizations/non-profit museum operators.
  8. Farmers/Farmers Market/Produce/Poultry/Fish Providers.
  9. Local Governmental or non-governmental organizations.
  10. Other interested parties.

Download the RFP pdf

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  1. Know what would be really cool there? A nightclub where you can dock your boat and party till the wee hours of the morning…oh…wait… never mind.

    I reiterate what I said in a previous post on this. A marina that caters to “boating tourists”. This is a small but affluent section of the tourist trade that right now is only venturing as far as Newport. You reserve dock space or mooring for the night or a weekend. Provide dockside amenities like showers, lockers, provisioning, Put in a zip car station and bicycle rental service and hook it into the RIPTA trolley system. Provide shuttle service or a water taxi to downtown. Put in enough docking for “day trippers” on the bay that can’t make it through the hurricane barrier. A restaurant would be ok but the idea is to get people downtown. Look at small scale restaurant/caterer with a good sized room that could book event functions (weddings, charity events, etc.). Finally, tie in the sailing center next door so they can expand their offerings and make use of the facilities.

  2. Wouldn’t this be a lucrative location for a Casino? A casino by the water, not unlike Deauville in France. Perhaps even a little regatta now and again to make it interesting…

  3. There’s not enough land in the parcel for a casino, much less for casino parking.

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