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A selection of photos readers have recently shared in our Flickr Group:

Van Wickle Gates

Photo © Armadillo Commander


Photo © lddana51two


Photo © provbenson2009


Photo © Armadillo Commander


Photo © lddana51two

Share your photos with us on our Flickr Group or email them to contact@gcpvd.org.

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  1. A lot of the featured pictures are from Downtown or the Eastside. It would be nice to see something from South and West Providence occasionally. I know there has to be something photo worthy down there too.

  2. Jack:
    The photos come from what people share in our Flickr Group. I’d share more south and west side stuff if their was more, it is all a function of where the people who share photos take them.

  3. @Jef I understand that these are from contributors, but still, I feel like there are certain ignored parts of town that would make for some nice pictures.

  4. Jack, you tell me what to shoot and I’ll go shoot it. I know there are others posting in the group who are also looking for new places. Ask and You’ll get it.

  5. @Bill I’m a big fan of your work.

    Some places that could yield nice stuff would be:
    the Thormikaram Wat on 179 Hanover Street (really interesting structure)
    the cemetery on Broad Street
    the area around Hudson Deli in the armory (interesting neighborhood)
    the abandoned Sears and bowling alley on North Main, panoramas of the City from Camp street.

    These are just some off the top of my head. Since you’re taking requests, i’ll definitely let you know of more when I think of them.

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