Poynton, England complete streets redesign

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A community in decline, divided by decades of anti-social traffic engineering, is reunited and revitalised by streetscape redesign.

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  1. Maybe that works in Poynton (I’d still reserve judgment and give it some more time), but I doubt it would work here. If you put one of those in Providence, half the drivers would stop to ask directions on where to go, others would drive around in circles until they ran out of gas, and still others would mistake it for a demolition derby — especially when they’d had too much to drink. And can you imagine trying to negotiate such a system while talking on a cell phone, fixing one’s hair, or eating a snack — all favorite RI driving pastimes? And that doesn’t include the “undocumented” and uninsured. It might be fun to watch from afar, though. A modern-day zocalo, no?

  2. The £4-million (or $6.2-million) price tag for Poynton to achieve this transformation was incredibly cheap. The downtown region of Newport would be a good candidate for this street-sharing concept. If it weren’t for the 6-10 expressway ending at Francis Street, the Memorial Blvd. corridor would be a good candidate as well.

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