PBN: India Point project is the first out of I-195 box

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Developer Churchill & Banks wants to be a pioneer of Providence’s Interstate 195 land frontier.

The downtown developer hopes to build apartments, stores and offices on the former highway properties south of Wickenden Street on the city’s East Side.

But with the redevelopment process for those state-controlled parcels still some way off, Churchill & Banks is moving ahead with a mixed-use project on land it already owns next door, a development it hopes will influence the tone and direction of construction in the neighborhood going forward.

This fall the company unveiled plans for The Esplanade at India Point, a six-story, 29,000-square-foot expansion of the former Fuller Iron Works Building at 39 Pike St., now home to the Vanity lounge and headquarters of technology firm Swipely.

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  1. A little odd how PBN refers to the area as India Point.

    Aside from India Point Park, a creation of the 70s, and even though the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier obliterates the historic Foxes Point, isn’t the 195-land on the east bank of the Providence River part of the Fox Point neighborhood?

    Doesn’t India Point face the Seekonk River and East Providence?

    Perhaps Fox Point is perceived as a negative by the potential developers and PBN. I wonder how the neighborhood might feel about that?

  2. Who gets paid to slap a bunch of unrelated things together and call it a building? This looks horrendous and is an affront to the existing Iron Works building…

  3. PBN: Second former I-195 parcel to be developed for $20M project

    Royal Oaks Realty, which owns an existing historically significant building on an adjoining property, plans to erect a seven-story tower on the new land, with about 75,000 square-feet of office space, 4,500-square feet of retail and 45 to 50 rental apartments. The new building will link to the developer’s existing property at 39 Pike St.

    The total cost of the Parcel 8 development is estimated at $20 million. The purchase price for the .30-acre site is about $750,000, said commission chairman Colin Kane. The commission estimated the development will generate 150 construction jobs, and could lead to 60 to 80 full-time jobs in retail, and residences for 90 people.

    The rendering at the top of this post is an early design; the completed building will likely look different.

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