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Or you could put it this way…

Headline from WPRI: Developers break ground on Pawtucket LA Fitness club

or, you could say, “Developers break ground on Providence surface parking lot.” Yay! WOOHOO! As Mayor Grebien said, “Today is a terrific day for both our cities.”

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  • The parking tax, if implemented, really should have concentric rings of levels based on how close (and how frequent) transit is. N. Main, as the major transit corridor for the R-Line, really should get the highest level of parking tax, although I think it could be fair to kick it in a little at a time over several years.

    Because I propose that the parking tax should be returned to adjacent properties as tax reductions, the initial set up could also be set to net-zero for taxes for any given building, with that amount of tax they pay for the building part going down and the parking lot going up. A business could choose to keep the same arrangement, but as other businesses optimized their tax situation, the spread would change, and their taxes would go up.

    Email the mayor:

  • No Mr Mayor. We don’t want more traffic. We want a street that encourages walking and biking. We want a street that leverages its bus service. So your giant parking lot and its supposed tax revenue can sod off!

  • Break ground? They broke ground *months* ago; the walls have been up for a couple of weeks already.

  • Wait, what? The Providence neighborhood is one of the wealthiest areas in the state, and the adjoining Pawtucket neighborhoods are well-off by the standards of that city. These are the areas in need of transformation?

  • Ditto, mp775. Old news. I think WPRI is responding to Mayors Elorza and Grebien doing their presser there yesterday.

    SGH: True, well-off neighborhoods are very close. Which is why LA Fitness chose the site. They’re an upscale gym and they’re not selecting a North Main property just to brigthen up the immediate couple of blocks. They see a customer base who wouldn’t go to Gold’s Gym or the Y.

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