Capital Center Commission Design Review Committee Meeting – December 15, 2015

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Capital Center Commission Meeting
Tuesday, December 15, 2015 • 8:00 am
Joseph A. Doorley, Jr. Municipal Building
444 Westminster Street, 1st Floor Conference Room Providence, RI 02903


  1. Roll Call
  2. Minutes
    Meetings of August 4, 2015, October 6, 2015 and November 3, 2015
  3. Acceptance of 2016 CCDRC Meeting Schedule
  4. Parcel 12
    Continued design review of plans for the construction of a new hotel on the property. (The DRC made a recommendation to the Capital Center Commission for the application for development and deviations, and to the Zoning Board of Review for zoning variances, at a public hearing held on November 3, 2015).
  5. Adjournment
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  1. What a boring, generic, building like so many others…

  2. Still ugly as sin. Please fix the proportions on this mess.

  3. Ugly as shit. Don’t care if it’s better than the original. Providence shouldn’t settle for shit architecture just because it’s the only proposal for the land. This parcel has much greater potential. This belongs in warwick

  4. C’mon #CapitalCenterCommission & #HomewoodSuites. #ProvidenceRI deserves much better than current design. #Generic_Ugly_Boring! 🙁 (just posted via Twitter)

  5. Yes, thanks, I meant to track those down. This is a better design, the orientation of the windows makes the building read more verticle and the fat columns are gone.

    The Exchange Street facade is still not clear, but at least it is glass now and not a stauxn* wall.

    *Stauxn = Faux stone.

  6. Wow, this really is a HUGE step up from the original design. The driveway is still a big letdown, but everything else has dramatically improved. I’ll take it.

  7. David: what would you change about the driveway?

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