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After much down time and annoyance from our prior webhosting provider over the last weeks, I’ve moved the site to a new host. I’ve already noticed it is more speedy, and not crashing all the times (knock-on-wood), I hope you’re all finding it the same.

There might be a few little things for me to fix after the transfer, but most things seem to have moved as desired.

I’m also fixing to move all my domains to a new provider, which might result in a bit of downtime this week, but hopefully it will be relatively painless.

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  1. Let’s move mine over after Spring is done.

  2. Darn it! GCPVD’s new site opens so fast I don’t have time to go heat up my coffee in the microwave like I used to.

  3. Author


    I think I promptly caught whatever was infecting the site making it slow. Been sick all week, haven’t been able to enjoy the new speed. 🙁

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