Greater City Providence

I-195 Redevelopment District Commission Meeting – January 18, 2017

Single tower proposal for Hope Point by The Fane Organization

[alert type=”muted”]A regular meeting of the l-195 Redevelopment District Commission will be held at Rhode lsland Commerce Corporation, 315 lron Horse Way, Suite 101, Providence, Rhode lsland, on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2O17, beginning at 2:30 P.M., for the following purposes:[/alert]

195-roundI. Public Session

  1. Welcoming Remarks by Chairperson Azrack.
  2. Approval of the Minutes of the Commission Meetings Held on December 12, 2016.
  3. Executive Director’s Report.
  4. Vote regarding a senior project manager position.
  5. Discussion and vote regarding updates to the District Human Resource Manual.
  6. Vote to amend the Commission Bylaws Article Xl, Section 1 (Signing of Checks, Notes, etc.).
  7. Update and discussion on the proposed development on Parcel 42 (public comment welcome).
  8. Presentation by Utile, lnc. on the proposed development on Parcel 42.
  9. Presentation on proposed development on Parcel 42 by The Fane Organization.
  10. II. Executive Session

    To consider and act upon such matters as may be considered at a meeting closed to the public pursuant to Rhode lsland General Laws, Section 42-46-5(a) (the Open Meetings Law), specifically matters permitted to be so considered under (i) subsection (5) (disposition of public property) and (ii) subsection (7) (investment of public funds).

  11. Review of Status of Proposals to Purchase and Develop District Property.
  12. Review of proposed lnvestment of Public Funds.
  13. III. Public Session

  14. Vote regarding the Fane Organization Level L application for Parcel 42.
  15. Chairperson’s Report/Agenda for next meeting on Monday, February 20,2OL7 at 5:00 P.M.
  16. Vote to Adjourn.
[alert type=”muted”]Agenda [/alert] [alert type=”muted”]See also:
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Greater City Providence

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  • NOW IS THE TIME!!!!!

    l-195 Redevelopment District Commission meeting will be held at Rhode lsland Commerce Corporation, 315 lron Horse Way, Suite 101, Providence, Rhode lsland, on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2O17, beginning at 2:30 P.M

    Everyone in favor of moving this forward should show up and strongly support it.

    I am out of the city but send a strong written statement to the Commission – essentially that this is a critical point for PVD, the “little town” thinking and negativity must be brushed away, and that this proposal (all 3 towers over time) cannot be passed up.

  • I’m away in New Orleans, but if anybody goes to this, can you please make the case for attractive night time lighting. I think it’s basically the responsibility of any high rise development at this point to incorporate that as a feature.

  • I am sure they will require lighting, security, park access, grounskeeping etc as a normal approval.

    The task at hand is to GET TO THE MEETING and strongly and emphatically recommend the full approval of the proposal.

    This great city is at a critical crossroads – move to the “big leagues” where it belongs or be held back by parochialism, negativity and “small town” attitudes.

    First, as this is a very ambitious proposal, it is what it takes to get attention to bold thinking…exactly what is needed for the district and the city.

    While I am certain it will be phased; I am hopeful that there will be towers of 33, 43, and 55 floors. Even if market conditions are less, three towers are a net positive for the district and the city. As you surely know, this can be a very big “game changing” opportunity for Providence. This can drive the draw of new and large corporations and new residents.

    Second, as you also know, this proposal adds significant fuel to further development of the I-195 parcels and beyond.

    Third, this is exactly what is needed to jolt the “little town” thinkers into the realization that Providence is New England’s second largest city and the center of New England’s second largest metro.

    Providence needs to build up to its full potential; not limited to look like a small city or a suburb.

    Tall buildings and high density belong in Providence; particularly in the parcels only one third to half a mile from the core downtown. This tower(s) will spur the other parcels to fill in and expand the downtown.

    Urban parks and tall buildings are not incompatable!!! They complement each other.

    This is Providence – not Portsmouth.

    This is a great opportunity, a great energy boost, national attention grabber, and momentum builder for the district, the city, and the Providence Metro that simply cannot be missed.

    Please attend and speak up!!!

  • Told ya…PVD doesn’t have what it takes to do great things. I195 Comm just decided to consider one rather than the three towers…small minded PVD …

  • The developer originated the discussion of one tower (the rendering at the top of this post is from the developer). The 195 Commission would be negligent to approve plans for a podium for three towers when the other two (let alone just the one) may never come to fruition.

  • Jef: I said “considering”, I195 Comm can’t approve anything, that’s a PVD function. Not considering the developer’s vision sends the wrong message. Let Fane prove that the project is feasible. PVD needs to demonstrate that it can play and win in the big leagues. I don’ think PVD really wants to change so progress will go elsewhere.

  • Not so fast. There are forces in PVD that will continue to push aside the “small town” thinkers (like BuildingBridgespvd) and permit the other towers to go up if there us in fact housing demand.

    One step at a time.

  • The I-195 Redevelopment Commission meeting for July 17th POSTPONED.

    The meeting to consider the Parcel 42 Fane proposal should be on TUESDAY JULY 25 at 5PM.

    The task at hand is to GET TO THE MEETING and strongly and emphatically recommend the full approval of the proposal.

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