More Old Route 195 Photos

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Lots of work on tearing down Old Route 195 this week, here’s two more photos from our Flickr Group: Photo © lddana51two Photo © lddana51two Please share your Old Route 195 demo photos or any other photos of the Providence area (snowstorm tomorrow!) in our Flickr Group or email them to and we may post them here.

Youth4Change: Why Winter Is a Nightmare for Providence Youth and How You Can Help

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This post was submitted to Greater City: Providence by Youth4Change. It is a quite timely message given the condition of the sidewalks across Providence this morning. Above is a photo from my 1 mile walk to work this morning. I remember being a kid and jumping for joy when I saw my first snowflake of the season. The thrill of …

Peter Brassard: RIPTA presents its Vision for the Future of Transit in Rhode Island

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Greater City: Providence reader Peter Brassard attended RIPTA’s 5-year plan community meeting yesterday. Here are is what he learned. The Coalition for Transportation Choices (CTC) and the Transit 2020 Action Committee hosted Tuesday’s Community Briefing for RIPTA’s 5-year Strategic Plan at URI’s Janice Paff Auditorium in Providence. Mark Therrien, RIPTA Assistant General Manager explained that RIPTA’s philosophy has made a …

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Peter Brassard: The Core Connector system should connect more than just Downtown

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This post was submitted Greater City: Providence reader Peter Brassard. If you’ve written something you’d like us to consider posting, please contact us and let us know. Providence’s Core Connector transit system should be based on its ability to interconnect the city’s Occupation Districts and cultural venues, not just to Downtown and parts of the East Side and South Providence. …

Report from the Field; New RIPTA trolley

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Photo by Jim Beller A reader reports that they were greeted at the bus stop this morning by one of RIPTA’s new hybrid trolleys, pictured above. He reports that the ride was much smoother than the maddening bumps of the old trolleys. The driver also reported that they were much better to drive. Our reader also took note that the …

Reader: Silverman found! Plus picnic tables

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Remember Silverman, or tin man, or whatever he was called. He had been floating around in the river for a few years now, but has been missing for a while. A reader contacted us and has solved the mystery of what happened to him: For about a month or so, the tin foil man floating in the Providence River has …

Debra Booth: The other end of Wickenden Street

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We’ve spent a lot of pixels here talking about the intersection between Route 195 and Wickenden Street on the west side of Fox Point. Debra Booth forwarded us a letter they sent to city and state officials addressing concerns about the other end of Wickenden, where the Gano Street ramps are: To: Mayor David Cicilline, Councilman Seth Yurdin, Representative David …