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Southcoast Photo Blog

Photo from Southcoast Photo Blog

I forgot how exactly I came across it, but I have been enjoying the new Southcoast Photo Blog. The blog is what it says, photos from the South Coast area of Massachusetts, New Bedford, Fall River, and environs. I don’t get to the South Coast often (ever), so it is nice to see some photos of the place.


A couple cool L.A. photo sites

Photo from Empty L.A.

I ran across a couple of cool L.A. based urban photo websites recently on the intertubes.

Empty L.A. is by photographer Matt Logue and is what it sounds like, visions of Los Angeles devoid of cars and people. Rather apocalyptic looking.

A Photoshopped after image from Narrow Streets Los Angeles

David Yoon is a self-described writer, designer, and urban planning geek. On his blog Narrow Streets Los Angeles he Photoshops some of Los Angele’s widest thoroughfares making them into narrow lanes, utter changing the feel of the places. His blog also features “Friday Favorites” of some of the best narrow streets around the world.