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Impromptu Blog Meet-Up (03/19)

Photo by Jef Nickerson

Did you not get enough to drink yesterday? No? Good. Then you can join us tomorrow for an impromptu blog meet-up at the Skating Center in Kennedy Plaza.

The Bank of America City Center (that’s the skating rink in Kennedy Plaza) is having a Beer & Wine Pavilion after work all this week to celebrate the last week of skating and the start of spring. We’ll be there starting at 5:00pm. If you’re in the area, stop by and join us, and don’t forget, there’s a WaterFire tomorrow night as well.

Not sure who we are, there’s a photo of me on our About page. Check it out, come out tomorrow, walk up to me and say, “are you Jef Nickerson?” Then I’ll say, “OH MY GOD! Who are you? How do you know me?” Then you can buy me a beer 🙂

Providence Daily Dose and RIFuture are joining in on the impromptu blog-o-spherical beer drinking as well.


Share your snow photos with us!

The Snowpocolypse buries Northern Virginia. Photo by Jen Coleslaw

Tonight’s snow total predictions keep going up. If you head out into the storm to take photos, we hope you’ll share them with us.

Upload your snow photos to Flickr and send them to the GC:PVD Flickr Group and we might feature your photo here on Greater City: Providence. Photos from outside of Providence are welcome too, add info to your photo description so we can share where the photo is from.

You can also email your snow photos to us.