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What Cheer/What Jeer: January 2009

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Washington Trust What Cheer to Washington Trust for moving from their suburban style drive-thru ridden Washington Street location to a nice urban non-drive-thru location on Westminster. Bonus points for a most excellent sign at the new location. Symmes Maini & McKee Associates What Cheer to Symmes Maini & McKee Associates for their design of the new Blue Cross Blue Shield …

Washington Trust

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Washington Trust, Westminster Street. I am so pleased that Washington Trust has moved from their horrid suburban style branch on Washington Street, to this nice new urban storefront on Westminster Street (I’m especially enchanted by that new sign, Love. It.). Banks are not the most exciting retail development for a downtown, and too many of them can actually put a …

This Old Downcity

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Future home of Washington Trust Bank on Westminster Street at Orange Street. As Bret points out in his post about Blue Cross Blue Shield’s new HQ building, our nation’s (and state’s and city’s and world’s) dismal economy and the credit crunch mean that we are unlikely to see any more large new buildings built anytime soon. Hopefully what we will …