Snowblogging: Evening edition

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Snow Feb. 3, 2009

Snow Feb. 3, 2009

Snow Feb. 3, 2009

Snow Feb. 3, 2009

Snow Feb. 3, 2009

Snow Feb. 3, 2009

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  1. These are beautiful and irritating. I’ll miss Providence, but not all the un-shoveled (or un-plowed) snow…
    Um, and isn’t the sidewalk in front of the museum RISD’s responsibility? Just a thought…

  2. have you thought about becoming a professional snow photographer?

  3. Author

    Would I get paid in ice cream?

    Elisa, I took those photos at the height of the snow. RISD Facilities was out in force clearing the snow. I had a class and when I emerged from class later, most of the walkways on campus were clear. RISD Facilities have been doing a great job with the snow removal this year.

  4. Snowtographers get paid in, what else, SnoCones.

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