Burnside Park Beer Garden Music Series is a go for this evening

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Careful, if you ask me to hold your beer, I might drink it.

[box style=”alert”]Slight change of plans. The band will be playing and the beer will be flowing, but it will be taking place inside at Trinity Brewhouse, see you there![/alert]

There is a chance of a passing shower this afternoon, but the surprising fall-like chill in the air makes it a perfect evening to drink beers in the park and listen to great music.

Come on out and hear the Criss Cross Orchestra perform in Burnside Park, 4:30pm-7pm. See you there!

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  1. That’s serious, dude. You go to this every week? Probably won’t manage to make it tonight but may swing by at a future date if I don’t.

  2. Author

    Sometimes I go when it gets rained out and sit by myself in the rain and drink (don’t tell anyone).

  3. For everyone’s information — the West Side Thursdays concert in Dexter Training Ground has been cancelled.

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