Greater City Providence

RI Historical Society Looking for Guides…

Interested in Rhode Island and Providence history and wished you could share your enthusiasm with others? If so, strongly consider replying to the Rhode Island Historical Society’s call for recruits to do John Brown House, College Hill, and RiverWalk tours. Training sessions will run from January 21st to February 25th on Wednesday mornings from 10AM to 12:30 PM. Intrigued? If so, call 401-273-7505 X 60 to get more information.

Bret Ancowitz


  • This is something I am really interested in. I would love to do it! I am looking for this kind of experience. But I tried calling, and it said the number was out of service 🙁

  • This is the number for the Historical Society–maybe this one is a better contact…

    (401) 331-8575