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PPS Festival of Historic Homes – June 7-9, 2013


Henry D. Sharpe House – 1928 • Photo Rob Kesack courtesy of PPS

East Side Homes and Lofty Mill Spaces on Tour at the 34th Annual Festival of Historic Houses

Providence Preservation Society’s Signature Event This Year Highlights Prospect Street and Monohasset Mill

Providence, RI (April 18, 2013) – The Providence Preservation Society (PPS) present to the public an “insiders’ view of preservation” with their annual Festival of Historic Houses on June 7, 8, and 9, 2013. This signature PPS event is a special opportunity for visitors to explore the interiors of some of Providence’s most interesting homes and gardens, learn about the city’s historical building stock, and view firsthand the preservation efforts involved. This year, the event will showcase grand era houses on Prospect Street on the East Side, and converted lofts in the adaptive reuse live/work spaces at Monohasset Mill in the Valley district.

Begun 34 years ago to highlight the preservation efforts of Benefit Street, PPS’ Festival of Historic Houses celebrates Providence’s rich architectural history and progressive preservation efforts. This year, the Festival visits two distinct and juxtaposing neighborhoods in the City, offering visitors a broad view of the dynamic building stock throughout the area. “Providence’s diverse historic fabric – and range of preservation projects – is truly a highlight of our City. Choosing to showcase both Prospect Street for its grand private homes and Monohasset Mill for its beautiful live/work adaptation of our industrial past is a way we capture the full spectrum of preservation in Providence,” stated Arria Bilodeau, co-chair of the Festival’s planning committee.

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Tweed Ride PVD – April 28, 2013


Stylish and well-wheeled gents and ladies enjoy a leisurely bicycle parade through downtown Providence in the city’s first-ever Tweed Ride, complete with tea!

The excursion begins at Greater Kennedy Plaza and ends at the RISD Museum for an afternoon viewing of the Museum’s newest exhibition, “Artist/Rebel/Dandy: Men of Fashion.”


the Steel Yard 7th Annual Halloween Iron Pour – October 26, 2012


Photo by Annali Kiers

Join the Steel Yard and the Iron Guild for the 7th annual Halloween Iron Pour. This event brings regional artists together to produce a dazzling theatrical performance of molten metal.

The Steel Yard has added additional programming to the event this year. There will be an aerial dance performance by local artists Teresa Kochis & Michelle Struckholz, who will be accompanied by live music from Cave of Colors. We are also pleased to have a live DJ on site, Unkle Thirsty, the renown Providence persona; and the Pour itself will be accompanied by music provided by the Empty House Cooperative.

The event is on Friday, October 26, doors open at 5:00pm and there is a $10 required donation to enter. The rain date is Saturday, the 27th.

  • 5:00 – Doors open
  • 5:30 – Reclaim, an aerial dance by Teresa Kochis & Michelle Struckholz, with live music by Cave of Colors
  • 6:00 – DJ Unkle Thirsty
  • 7:00 – Iron Pour Begins, with music provided by The Empty House Cooperative

There will also be a ceramic sale hosted by the Ceramics Cooperative. Food vendors will be on site.


Halloween Iron Pour: Molten Masquerade – October 28, 2011

Halloween Iron Pour: Molten MasqueradeHalloween Iron Pour: Molten Masquerade 10/28/2011 | 7:00 PM

Join the Steel Yard and the Iron Guild for the 6th annual Halloween Iron Pour.

The theme for this years event is Molten Masquerade, and will feature larger than life flaming masquerade masks!

  • Music provided by the Empty House Cooperative.
  • There will also be a ceramic sale hosted by the Ceramics Cooperative.
  • Food vendors will be on site.
  • $10 donation required.
  • Doors open at 6:00pm, the performance begins at 7:00pm
  • Rain date: October 29th.

Wooly Fair, July 30

Wooly Fair VII To the Moon!
July 30, 2011 • 2pm-1am
the Steel Yard • 27 Sims Ave, Providence, RI

For many weeks now, The Woolies have been building and planning, making sure that Wooly Fair VII, To the Moon! will be a wild spectacle of galactic proportions. On July 30th, we’ll be rocketing you into a lunar wilderness, full of games, live music, spontaneous theater, and, of course, the WOOLY SPACE STATION. The Space Station will be comprised of 21 pentagonal pods, which are being created for the sole purpose of entertaining and inspiring you via shimmering, interactive, artist-made installations.

Visit the website for more information.


Cruise Night at the Steel Yard, July 15

Cruise Night at the Steel Yard

Cruise Night at the Steel Yard
27 Sims Avenue, Providence
Friday, July 15th • 5PM-Dark
Rain Date: Saturday, July 16th
Free Admission

The Steel Yard is happy to announce it’s 6th annual Cruise Night car show and fundraiser! The Steel Yard’s 2011 Cruise Night will bring over 70 custom and classic vehicles and over 150 people to the unique site in an evening of polished chrome, raffle prizes, studio tours, food sold by the famous Haven Brothers and greasy grooves spun by The Colonel.

Part of the Works in Progress 2011 fundraising event series, Cruise Night will take place on Friday, July 15th, from 5 pm to dark. Each year, the event has grown consistently bigger, bringing together more classic car and bike enthusiasts from throughout the region in an old school rendezvous and show off.

The Steel Yard, located at the historic Providence Steel and Iron site, is a non-profit organization offering arts and technical training programs designed to increase opportunities for cultural and artistic expression, career-oriented training, and small business incubation. The Yard encompasses 2 acres of newly rehabilitated space in Providence’s industrial Valley district that includes a 10,000 square foot industrial shop, artist studios and small business and non-profit offices.


Clay Dough, May 21

We hope you can join us for our first fundraising event of 2011! Clay-Dough is your chance to get back into the studio and spend a few hours behind the ceramics wheel or hand forming all while hanging out with great friends and fellow yardies.

Saturday, May 21st • 4-7PM
at The Steel Yard27 Sims Avenue, Providence, RI 02909

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News & Notes

→ A Crusade to Walk Every Street in Lansing [City Saunter]

Lansing, Michigan native, Ariniko O’Meara has decided to walk every street in her city (400+ miles) and document the experience on her blog.

→ The Steel Yard announces their spring/summer courses [the Steel Yard]

→ City Is Looking at Sewage Treatment as a Source of Energy [The New York Times]

New York City’s sewage presents a daunting and costly challenge: it creates foul odors and often contaminates waterways.

But the city is now casting its sewage treatment plants and the vast amounts of sludge, methane gas and other byproducts of the wastewater produced by New Yorkers, as an asset — specifically, as potential sources of renewable energy.

→ Transportation Reformers Applaud Obama’s Six-Year Transpo Plan [Streetsblog]

A fix-it-first policy for roads. More support for livability programs. Additional transit investment. Competitive infrastructure grants. In his new six-year, $556 billion surface transportation proposal, President Obama is hitting all the right notes with transportation reform advocates.

As part of his 2012 budget proposal – released yesterday – the President put forward a plan that would double investment in transit, give a boost to bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, and generally chip away at policies that have led to billions going to waste on highways to nowhere.

→ Get Out of My Way, You Jerk! Researchers Study ‘Sidewalk Rage,’ Seeking Insights on Anger’s Origins and Coping Techniques [The Wall Street Journal]

You don’t need a car to get road rage.

For many people, few things are more infuriating than slow walkers—those seemingly inconsiderate people who clog up sidewalks, grocery aisles and airport hallways while others fume behind them.

Researchers say the concept of “sidewalk rage” is real. One scientist has even developed a Pedestrian Aggressiveness Syndrome Scale to map out how people express their fury. At its most extreme, sidewalk rage can signal a psychiatric condition known as “intermittent explosive disorder,” researchers say. On Facebook, there’s a group called “I Secretly Want to Punch Slow Walking People in the Back of the Head” that boasts nearly 15,000 members.

Shameless Plug: Please feel free to nominate us as Best Blog in the Phoenix’s Best of 2011. You could also ask your friends, your mom, and your cat to nominate us if you like.


Annual Halloween Iron Pour at the Steel Yard – October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween friends! This is our favorite time of year! Join the Iron Guild for Molten Metal Mayhem at our Annual Halloween Iron Pour!


Friday, October 29th
Rain Date – Saturday, October 30th
Doors at 6:00 pm
Pour starts at 7:00 pm
27 Sims Avenue, Providence, RI 02909

Our annual Iron Pour is a luminous spectacle in celebration of the fall season here in Providence. Each year, the Iron Guild teams up with the Steel Yard to demonstrate the industrial arts in an exciting, accessible way. This year’s performance promises to be in keeping with the dramatic displays of the past with the show titled “HOWL”.

Our incredible displays of molten metal in the past have included: liquid iron being poured into a huge, hand-carved wooden skull and casting the insides of pumpkins while a giant steel one was brought to life. Like those of the past, the 2010 Iron Pour is sure to be a sight to see during this Halloween weekend.

The celebration will be a family-friendly event featuring food and drink vendors from the Providence Juice Company truck and more. A live soundtrack is provided by the Empty House Cooperative, and there’s even a chance to buy handmade art pieces at the Steel Yard’s ceramics cooperative bowl sale.

For those who have never visited the Steel Yard before, this event is a great opportunity to explore some recent environmental renovations made possible by government grants and generous donations from local businesses and private sources.

Sponsored by: Cumberland Foundry
Refreshments provided by: Providence Juice Company
Check it out on: Facebook

Hope to see you there!!