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A selection of photos readers have recently shared in our Flickr Group:


Photo © Mycophagia

Former RIDOT Headquarters and Garage (1927)

Photo © provbenson2009

Faunce House

Photo © Ken Zirkel

Myopic books

Photo © provbenson2009

East Side Church
Photo © Town & Building Designer

Godfrey Weiberg rests here

Photo © Raastah

State House

Photo © h ssan


Photo © photobrien81

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  1. Ok, I need some more info on the pics from mycophagia.
    Where was that pic taken and what are those slimy growths? Looks like some crazy stuff.

  2. They look like stalagmites on the floor and judging from related photos from this photographer they’re within the East Side Rail Tunnel under College Hill and Fox Point.

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