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More New York City: The High Line

High Line

Aside from the September 11th Memorial, what I really wanted to see was the High Line.

There’s not really a lot to say about it, it is awesome. A linear park threading through the city up above the streets.

There has been some push back, the area the High Line runs through had been what many would consider run down. The Meat Packing District was once a place where meat was packed and after the abattoirs left auto shops and other similarly non-glamourous businesses moved in. The High Line has been followed by a wave of gentrification.

So while boutiques and galleries and trendy bars have moved in”¦

“¦the old businesses are being squeezed out. Except, the High Line is high in the sky, the hoards of tourists that visit it don’t drop back down to street level very often. So the gentrifiers are now find that they are having a hard time of it as rents have gone up but the customers have not arrived.

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