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Worcester opens new bus hub


Photo from Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Worcester, Mass. has opened their new bus hub at the city’s Union Station. The hub connects local WRTA buses to intercity buses, Amtrak, and MBTA commuter rail and features real time electronic bus information, covered bike parking, and charging stations for the agency’s new electric buses.

See more information on the USDOT Fast Lane blog and in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette (includes video).


In Seattle, Amazon plans to buy a streetcar and fund shorter headways

Seattle Streetcar, image ericnvntr

The Seattle Transit Blog reports that, which is building a shiny new headquarters complex in Downtown Seattle, plans to buy that city a new streetcar vehicle for service on an existing line and provide funding for shorter headway service.

The overall proposal includes $5.5 million of support for the Seattle Streetcar. This funding will allow the City to purchase an additional streetcar vehicle and increase operational support for 10 years as a part of the Planned Community Development benefit package. In total, these benefits will increase street car service to every ten minutes during the workday.

They will also be building other pedestrian and cycling enhancements in the area. Apparently all this is in exchange for the taking of a number of public alleys the company needs to construct it’s headquarters.

Imagine if we called on developers to give concessions to receive zoning variances and street abandonments.


STREETFILMS: Medellí­n: Colombia’s Sustainable Transport Capital

For many who have heard of Medellín, Colombia, the name brings to mind the drug-related violence of the 1980s and 1990s, when it was often described as the most dangerous city in the world.

Over the last decade, Medellín has worked hard to change its image. The local government is investing in education and social programs, and the city recognizes the importance of providing an integrated public transportation system as the backbone of these projects.

Read more at Streetfilms.

Link New Balance details Brighton plans

Athletic shoe giant New Balance released detailed plans Wednesday for a new Brighton world headquarters that will include at least four new buildings with offices, restaurants, a hotel, and a sprawling sports complex that may offer everything from ice hockey to tennis.

The company filed a detailed proposal with Boston city officials, kicking off a months long process to review the 14-acre development project off Guest Street. The tallest buildings would be between 16 and 20 stories in height.

It would be nice if Providence had a company that wanted to expand itself say onto the 195 land…


Broadway Bike Lanes (Finally (Almost))

Remember back in April when signs were posted that bike lanes were coming to Broadway? Remember back in 2008 when it was first announced that they were coming? Don’t worry, no one does.

They are here now”¦ almost. Just in time for a snow storm, we have the guides laid down on Broadway’s fresh pavement for bike lanes:


Of course, as Car-Free in PVD points out, the bike lanes are in the dreaded door zone. If you ride to the right of the lane, which as Car Free points out, Rhode Island Law instructs cyclists to do, then you are gonna get doored. There is room to stay the the left side of the lane and avoid the door.

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More New York City: The High Line

High Line

Aside from the September 11th Memorial, what I really wanted to see was the High Line.

There’s not really a lot to say about it, it is awesome. A linear park threading through the city up above the streets.

There has been some push back, the area the High Line runs through had been what many would consider run down. The Meat Packing District was once a place where meat was packed and after the abattoirs left auto shops and other similarly non-glamourous businesses moved in. The High Line has been followed by a wave of gentrification.

So while boutiques and galleries and trendy bars have moved in”¦

“¦the old businesses are being squeezed out. Except, the High Line is high in the sky, the hoards of tourists that visit it don’t drop back down to street level very often. So the gentrifiers are now find that they are having a hard time of it as rents have gone up but the customers have not arrived.

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Harvard looks to private partners to jump start development in North Allston. A model for Providence?


The Boston Globe reports on plans by Harvard University to jump start development on its land in North Allston by teaming up with private partners. The University’s plan would bring in private investors to develop a life sciences complex in the Boston neighborhood across the Charles River from their main Cambridge campus.

Does any of this sound familiar, a large institution, crossing a river, developing life sciences”¦ Of course we’re obsessed right now with the Route 195 land, but the fact is, Brown already has numerous holdings in the Jewelry District, chiefly along Richmond Street, before even going after Route 195 parcels.

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