So cute it hurts my teeth: Baby giraffe

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Oh. My. Maude. Look at this giraffe born at the Roger Williams Park Zoo last week. She. Is. So. CUTE! I want one!

The as yet unnamed baby giraffe will be on display at the zoo in the Textron Elephant and Giraffe Pavilion according to a zoo press release.

Zoo admission is free to Providence residents the first Saturday of the month (i.e. next Saturday) and free to everyone on New Year’s Day.

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  1. There’s a cute video at that shows the giraffe prancing around. Did you know that a baby giraffe has to drop 2 and a half feet from the mother when its born?

  2. Author

    The other lady giraffe at RWP is preggers also.

  3. Author

    ProJo does not allow their videos to be embedded, but you can view it here.

  4. OMG too cute! I just saw baby elephants at the Pittsburgh Zoo on the day after Thanksgiving, might have to follow up with a visit to Roger Williams!

  5. We braved the cold and went to see her today because, y’know, it’s free. So cute. But even cooler is the anteater behind the Tropical America exhibit.

    So go on Saturday – free again! – and check it out. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many active animals are out and about.

  6. The Anteater ROCKS! just don’t let him get you into his embrass du mort.

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