Snowblogging V: Kennedy Plaza & More

There was this giant snow pile on Eddy Street, then I went to Kennedy Plaza, then I got coffee.

Yellow jackets!

Eyewitness News

Not very successful attempt at a selfie to show snow depth, it was above my knees. (I don’t know what I’m pointing at).

What grass!?

Mark Searles looks pleased with himself.

I’m not usually a Starbucks person but, thank goodness they were open.

Next up, back to Federal Hill via Broadway.

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  1. Will February 9, 2013 at 8:07 pm #

    Some of these pictures are mind boggling. They remind me of this photo book I have of the flooding in 1938 (I believe). Most of them are from the financial district. Seeing a city buried like that changes the way you view the architecture and the city planning involved downtown. Thanks for the photos!

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