GC: Photos

A selection of photos readers have recently shared in our Flickr Group:

Providence City Hall

Photo © Ken Zirkel

Photo © Paul Shelasky

I-Way Project

Photo (cc) provbenson2009

Photo © Paul Shelasky

Flags on a fence (Ken Zirkel)

Photo © Ken Zirkel

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One Response to GC: Photos

  1. Tony P September 25, 2011 at 1:08 pm #

    One of the problems with a Smartphone is that it makes it far too easy for me to post my pictures on Facebook as opposed to Flickr. I did just upload a photo of the new lighting on Weybosset St. though.

    Finally lighting that meets my approval. Directed DOWNWARD, with shades/reflectors reminiscent of the old city street lights from back in the day.

    Dark skies everyone. No more shooting light straight up in the air.

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