Narrow Building better secured

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The ground floor of the Narrow Building has been pretty much wide open for weeks now, allowing anyone to enter and “accidentally” start a fire, or oops get hurt, and then result in the building being declared a “public safety hazard.” I reported it to the City a few weeks ago and am glad to see that someone has finally done something to tighten up the building. The result is ugly as hell, but the building keeps being real close to be redeveloped, it would be tragic for something to happen to it.

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  1. The previous owner had absolutely no means to tackle rehabbing that building. I’ll try to find out who he sold it to, but I know that whoever owns it now hasn’t had it for very long. If there’s any movement going on there, it might be a promising sign.

  2. this is a good thing, short of a reno of course

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