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What a Mayor should know before launching a bike-share program, the relationship between public spaces and the struggle for civil liberties, downtown Pawtucket, Israel lowers transit fares to encourage use, and more in today’s News & Notes.

News & Notes

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Reclaiming the center [The Boston Globe] Today, the principle behind revitalization efforts is to make downtowns not just shopping areas, but 24-hour neighborhoods with homes, offices, and entertainment venues where residents can shop, dine, and mix at movies and concerts. Such efforts helped transform downtown Providence, for example, into a thriving cultural center and business district with local artists, new …


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The Pawtucket Foundation is still seeking submissions for their rebranding effort for Downtown Pawtucket. You could win $500!

Paris: You are responsible for all users who are lighter than you are

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Streetfilms takes a look at how Paris is rethinking their streets. A big part of it is changing the equation from moving traffic, to moving people. The rules of the road are that you are responsible for all users who are lighter than you are; trucks responsible for cars, cars for bikes, bikes for pedestrians… As in other parts of …

Providence Children’s Museum workshops about placemaking and play

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Photo (cc) Mikenan1 Children’s Museum Hosts Community Conversations About Play PROVIDENCE, RI – Providence Children’s Museum is hosting two community conversations this fall to unite individuals and organizations from across the state to discuss the issues affecting children’s opportunities for unstructured, self-directed play. The conversations will be held at Providence Children’s Museum (100 South Street in Providence) and are free …

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Northern Rhode Island Transportation

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Last week I posted a proposal for an intrastate rail line from Woonsocket to Quonset Point. This is not a new idea and talk about bringing trains back to Woonsocket has been going on for some time. Earlier this week there was a Congressional Breakfast in Woonsocket attended by more than 100 people, with the topic being transportation in the …

Sundance Channel documentary looks at Newark

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Created and directed by the award-winning filmmakers Mark Benjamin and Marc Levin, BRICK CITY, is a five-part documentary series that captures the daily drama of a community striving to become a better, safer, stronger place to live. Against great odds, Newark’s citizens and its Mayor, Cory A. Booker, fight to raise the city out of nearly a half century of …

Streetfilms looks at Phoenix Light Rail and Seattle Streetcars

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Streetfilms looks at the new light rail line in Phoenix as well as the new streetcar line in Seattle. Streetfilms | Phoenix METRO Light Rail The Valley Metro light rail line is a 20-mile starter line with 28 stations serving Downtown Phoenix and the suburbs of Tempe and Mesa. The Metro line has exceeded expectations carrying 40,000 passengers per day. …

CO2 per acre versus per household

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The Housing + Transportation Affordability Index has a number of tools for generating affordability maps. Above is the Providence Metropolitan Area CO2 use per acre (on right) versus CO2 use by household (left). I can’t hyperlink directly to the Providence map, but go here and choose “Providence-Fall River-Warwick, RI-MA” from the drop down where is says “change region.” As you …

Kansas City Light Rail Video

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This video illustrates nicely the connections between transit and land-use. The portion that shows the redeveloped “excess surface parking” immediately brought to mind Providence’s own, Parking Lot District. Imagine KC from Jonathan Arnold on Vimeo. Most people do not know that Light Rail is a land use issue – and not just about transportation. This video shows how pedestrian friendly …

Livable Streets

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Barcelona Bike Taxis | Photo by Matthew Coolidge Streets are the passageways that connect us to all our destinations, but they shouldn’t be just for cars, especially in the city. They also provide a path on which to walk or bike whether it be in a lane, on a sidewalk, or on a crosswalk. In essence they should be for …

Mapped: Pawtucket Historic Sites

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J. Hogue from Art In Ruins put together this excellent map of National Register Buildings in Pawtucket. View Larger Map Blue is the Downtown District Light Blue/cyan is the Exchange Street District Pink/Magenta is Quality Hill Purple is the Church Hill District Red is the Slater Mill Historic Site Green are Individual Listings Yellow are important but Non-contributing/not listed. Great …

Paolino For Non-Profit Expansion into 195 Land

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Joseph R. Paolino Jr., real estate owner, developer, former Providence mayor, and, um, surface parking lot magnate has weighed in on the issue of developing the soon-to-be-available 195 land. In a published letter to the East Side Monthly (not where I would have chosen to get my opinion heard on downtown issues, but I digress) he strongly comes out in …

Learning From Others: Metro JAX

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The Metro Jacksonville site is definitely worth a visit just to see an outstanding webpage devoted to a city’s urbanism. For a non-JAX resident, however, one the best reasons to visit the site is under the “Learning From” tab, where their “Elements of Urbanism” series is housed. These are comprehensive descriptions of other cities around the nation with oodles of …