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Parking Ban?


Contrary to what you see in this photo of Washington Street this evening, there is still a Parking Ban in effect in the City of Providence, until further notice.

Update: The Mayor’s office just announced that the parking ban ends at noon today (Monday).

Providence Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission Meeting – October 22, 2012

Providence Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission
October 22, 2012, 4:00 PM
Providence Chamber of Commerce Board Room
30 Exchange Terrace, Providence, RI

Note new location

  • 4:00: Review of bicycle regulations
  • 4:20: Discussion of snow removal issues and solutions
  • 4:35: Discussion of Complete Street issues related to the proposed Road Bond
  • 4:45: Bike parking: developing a citywide strategy to increase parking infrastructure [Guest James Baumgartner]
  • 4:55: Allens Ave bike lane sweeping and parking enforcement [Guests from JWU]
  • 5:05: Enforcement issues related to: Intersection blocking and Crosswalk encroachment Enforcement of No Parking in Bike Lanes/Crosswalks Tickets/Citation criteria for bicycle/automotive incidents [Police invited]
  • 5:20: Open forum
  • 5:30: Adjourn

Full disclosure: I am a member of this Commission.


Speaking of “Fair…” Red light cameras

In the last post there was some debate about the use of the word “fair” when it comes to allocating surface transportation resources between automobiles, cars, bikes, and other users.

Now, the NBC 10 I-Team asks if Providence’s red light cameras are fair to those who are driving too far above the posted speed limit to stop in time for the red light.

Even though the timing of the yellow to red lights is legal, many say it’s unfair – especially when it’s obvious that many, if not most, people don’t obey a 25 mph speed limit.

Well here is a video the I-Team and anyone else who is unsure about the fairness of punishing someone for breaking the law might want to watch. Warning, parts of this video may disturbing to some.