Video: “The Porch” at 30th Street Station Welcomes You to Philadelphia

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For nine months now, Philadelphia’s awesome new public space “The Porch” has been flying under the nation’s livable streets radar. Installed next to 30th Street Station as part of a larger PennDOT undertaking, the project reclaimed asphalt from cars and devoted it to people. The Porch provides a great place to meet up, and it shows what American cities can …

Video: Pawtucket & Central Falls River Corridor Initiative

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The two Rhode Island Cities of Pawtucket and Central Falls have partnered with The Pawtucket Foundation to champion a river corridor redevelopment initiative. Local businesses, property owners and the State of Rhode Island have teamed up, pooled resources and are working together to catalyze real estate development projects and infrastructure improvements to make the riverfront the centerpiece of revitalization efforts.

Video: Venice in a day

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We should probably take notes for when sea level rise overwhelms our Hurricane Barrier’s capacity to hold back the sea. I recommend taking advantage of the “Full Screen” option.

STREETFILMS: Medellí­n: Colombia’s Sustainable Transport Capital

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For many who have heard of Medellín, Colombia, the name brings to mind the drug-related violence of the 1980s and 1990s, when it was often described as the most dangerous city in the world. Over the last decade, Medellín has worked hard to change its image. The local government is investing in education and social programs, and the city recognizes …

John attends a White Sox game

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America 2050: Sometime in the not too distant future, John wakes up in suburban Chicago on a Saturday morning and heads to a White Sox game…in Detroit. Join him on a 300 mile journey to Detroit’s Comerica Park as he experiences the transportation options of the future: a neighborhood electric car share program, smart phone ticketing, high-speed rail, and connecting …

New Volvo with ‘pedestrian detection’ system

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New Volvo with ‘pedestrian detection’ system Copenhagenize takes a look at the new Volvo S60 which has been seen around their city training it’s new Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake and Pedestrian Detection. The system which will display a heads up warning when the car is too close to pedestrians and stop (or at speed, slow) the car if …