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WBNA and CHNA lost their appeal today to keep the Old Public Safety Complex from being demolished, and not more than half an hour after the verdict was reached, the wrecking ball went to work, ProJo has the story here.

While The Procaccianti Group does have a proposal to build a new structure at this location (dubbed the Empire at Broadway, rendering) they are currently looking to get permission to have “temporary” surface parking at this location. Surface parking, temporary or not, does not a Renaissance City make.

From the ProJo:

The Cranston developer had received emergency demolition permits last week to demolish the vacant station and replace it with a parking lot, after the city’s building official found that it would be a public safety hazard to leave the building standing.

Is it just me, or does this look hazardous?


Photo by Frank Mullin

More later, I’m sure.

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  1. ha! they don’t need permission to have a parking lot. it is an “approved use” for two years! Yay for us!

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