55 Days


So the first substantial snowfall of the year was December 19th, fifty-five days ago. Pretty much ever since then there has been snow and ice on this sidewalk on Atwells outside the Atwells Mini Mart and the (now, and for a long time, closed) Terino Arcade. 55 days!

Remember Christmas? That was 50 days ago. President Obama’s Inauguration? 23 days ago. I’ve had 4 bi-weekly paychecks since December 19th. I’ve had my hair cut twice. There have been 8 weekends. My brother, my niece, my uncle, and my friend David have all had birthdays in the last 55 days. We’ve had some holidays, Groundhog Day, Martin Luther King Day, New Year’s Day, Christmas Day (not to mention the Eves)… In all that time, no one could be bothered to go outside and clear the ice and snow and apparently, no one from the city could be bothered to issue a citation as is required by city ordinance.

I guess everyone had more important things to do.

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