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Some more photos from our readers have been added to our Flickr Group, share yours too!

New Ice

Photo © filledtoovercapacity


Photo © Jerri Moon Cantone


Photo © browley


Photo © browley


Photo © provbenson2009

514 Broadway  Providence RI

Photo © 1W57thNY

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  1. I’m glad this post starts to call attention to who does and deos not properly clear sidewalks.

    Here in North Providence Monday afernoon I noted those who cleared sidewalks reasonably well around here (Smith St and Fruit Hill Ave) include Citizens Bank, St Mary’s Home, Franciscan Missionaries, Dave’s Furniture, No Providence Billiards, Rossi’s, L’Europa Auto Repair, the senior center, while those not clearing include the Town Hall itself, Rhode Island College, Dunkin Donuts, Wine and Cheese, and several apartment complexes. Maybe a hall of fame/shame should be carried on in some organized manor??
    As for bus shelters, I do not believe Lamar’s contract requires them to clear them. It seems to me a lot of public resources and efforts are used to clear roads for motorist safety (and higher speeds) so it is not unreasonable to think that some public resources be budgeted for clearing bus stops for those that use transit.

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